Do you still have a skinny picture hidden in the back of your wallet that you pull out whenever you want to relive the “good old days?”  You may be onto something positive, and it’s more than just harboring dreams of days gone by.

Many experts now recommend that dieters visualize where they want to be – so that they can achieve their weight loss goals more quickly.  That could mean fitting into your jeans from when you were 20, or just being a healthy person for the first time in your life.

Visualization techniques help people achieve their goals by bringing it one step closer to reality.  If done correctly, you begin to live life as if you’ve already reached your healthy weight, which reinforces good habits.

Picturing yourself healthy is a good way to encourage you to stick it out and adhere to your diet and exercise plan.  You have something to look forward to and you know what it will feel like once you get there.

Visualization is more than a static image. True visualization techniques use all of the senses. You can close your eyes and imagine what it would feel like to lose 100 pounds, not just how great your backside will look in a new pair of tight-fitting jeans.

It’s also a technique that doesn’t require any special skill, money, or time – you can do it anywhere and no one will know that you’re secretly visualizing your weight loss success.

You want to start by fully imagining how your future self will be once the weight is off and you’re at your goal size.  Picture yourself sitting down to a healthy meal at a nice restaurant and envision the smells, tastes, and sounds around you.

What feelings would you have at that very moment?  Surely a sense of satisfaction – one that will carry into the present and help you work harder to make that image come to fruition.

Don’t picture yourself sitting at a table as if you’re a nearby diner.  Instead, visualize the scene from inside your own body – the new you that worked so hard to lose weight and get fit.

As you implement visualization techniques to your daily diet plans, you can also reaffirm your goals as you do it by focusing on positive affirmations.  The process of visualization can be addictive in itself because it brings about a sense of self-confidence and excitement about the future that’s in store for you.